Our Holistic Emotional Wellbeing Training Programme


A training programme for young minds, using various individual and team activities, such as team building games, analysing issues, mind mapping, mindful creativity and artistic mindfulness. Schools can choose the focus of their bespoke training sessions, from a variety of topics such as Friendship, Empathy, Abuse, Stereotyping, Bullying, Cyber-Bullying, Body Image, each adhering to the PSHE emotional wellbeing requirements.

Our training workshops are highly interactive, with engaging, thought provoking, hands-on activities, and can be tailored to suit the specific requirement and the budget of a school.

Duration of each workshop can be from 2 hours to a day. A series of small workshops can be arranged to run on the same day or on consecutive days or weeks.

These workshops are based on the concept of holistic development and nurturing mindfulness in learners of all ages.  Through a series of fun activities and coaching sessions, students are guided in gaining awareness and mindfulness in all issues related to their emotional wellbeing These workshops are aimed at arming students with the related skills that can be utilised into overcoming and conquering mental health risks in their everyday lives.

Our vision is based on instilling mental health awareness among young people, who can in turn act as ambassadors and champions for emotional wellbeing and role models for others.  In our workshops, there is a great emphasis on decision-making and being able to work with personal issues and mindful opportunities through the 5 R’s of learning model: Responsibility, Resilience, Reflection, Reasoning and being Resourceful.

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Each workshop ends with a reflection and an action plan section, where students design their own emotional wellbeing action plan, which includes ‘5-A-Day’ challenge promise and their own personalised ‘Mental Workout Plan’.

21st Century Skills: Skills used by students vary from teamwork, analytical skills, negotiation skills, research, and discussion to presentation. Students talk and write about their opinions, and explain their views, on issues that affect themselves and society.