This section of the workshop helps young people to recognise that one of the most important skills we need to learn is empathy – the ability to see and value what another person is feeling or experiencing.

It highlights a core skill – what psychologists call “pro-social” behaviour – the actions that are involved in building close relationships, maintaining friendships, and developing strong communities, the importance of seeing things from others’ points of view, that differences and similarities between people arise from a number of factors, including cultural, ethnic, racial and religious diversity, gender and disability.

It encourages them to reflect on spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues of living in a multi-cultural society, using imagination to understand other people’s experiences.

Students reflect upon important issues related to recognising and challenging stereotypes.

A sub-section of this workshop helps them to realise the nature and consequences of racism, teasing, bullying and aggressive behaviours, and how to respond to them and ask for help.

Another sub-section is designed to help students to be aware of different types of relationships, including marriage and those between friends and families, and to develop the skills to be effective in relationships. Students explore different ways of how to resolve differences by looking at alternatives, and making decisions based on the available options

Suitable activities that can be completed by students are:

Circle Time, Me and You
Angrygami/Hategami Activity
Positive Quotes Challenge
Wonder wall
Picture perfect – (no words, just pictures)
Role-play activity
Perfect Match Bingo Cards
Healthy Living mind-map
Agony Aunt Column
Mindfulness and creativity
Envelope Key Word Challenge

Students can choose to complete any of the given activities,
according to their aptitude and liking. 



2 – 3 hours