We have worked with Swapna for several years when we were offering alternative courses to students with a variety of needs, behavioural, learning and emotional. Swapna was always extremely perceptive as to student needs and provided very sound advice on specific strategies and resources, which could be utilised to gain improvement, is student attitudes and behaviour. Swapna had an exceptional grasp of organisational practices behind alternative courses and was always clear on how such courses could be used in combination to gain productive outcomes, which met student needs. Consultations with Swapna frequently led to innovation within our establishment. Swapna was always highly motivated and reliable. She has the tenacity, organisational skills and ability to deliver what she promises.

Trevor Smith and Carol Matten (Prospect School, Reading, UK)

Over the 5 years that I worked with Swapna, I learned that she is a very able and competent leader of workshops and other training events. From greeting delegates, to leading the programme and to ensuring their day was a success, Swapna showed herself to be a skilled and fluent deliverer of all aspects of the day. She was informative, engaging and personable, making sure that delegates left the training both well-informed and happy.
Swapna was also part of the London and South-East ASDAN regional team and was a good team player, supporting her colleagues when necessary and ensuring that communication with them was regular and useful. It is also true to say that she was valued by her colleagues for her enthusiasm, professionalism and her sense of humour. With regard to her overall strengths and skills, I would note that she has strong presenting skills, evident from her performance when leading workshops; her ability to consider issues and problems thoroughly was also evident in her dealing with teachers and other education professionals; similarly her attention to the detail in each of the qualifications she delivered was noteworthy and her knowledge was clear.
I would recommend her most highly to any organisations looking for a trainer.

Adrian Sladdin
International Education Consultant

A major part of Swapna’s work has been to train and support teaching and mentoring staff that work with our Personal Effectiveness qualifications, in a range of formal and non-formal educational settings. Feedback from delegates, whether at workshops or inset, was always at least good. Delegates at her workshops noted her ability to explore and respond to their varying needs and to show that she understood the challenges of their work.

Swapna is a co-operative colleague, who shows an understanding of the sometimes-conflicting demands placed upon those working face to face with learners. She is thorough in her preparations often exploring possible misunderstandings very carefully to ensure that things go smoothly; she is aware of the interdependence of a staff team and seeks out the cause of any problems in order to solve them.

Kath Grant
Director of Education
ASDAN Education, UK

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Swapna between September 2012 and August 2013. In this time, I have witnessed not only an accommodating and pro-active colleague but also a highly capable manager, curriculum innovator and teacher.
She has designed and developed a fit for purpose e-continuous assessment facility for teachers and students to access and track academic skills development. This has the great virtue of also showing changing areas of student-needs and areas of student attainment. It is an excellent tool of best practice and in designing.
Swapna has shown a high commitment to the development of Preparatory Year English Programme. She has run training workshops on the subject and seminars on how to use it for male and female staff alike, no small achievement, given the cultural limitations. Her effectiveness and efficiency is of the highest order.
Swapna’s management duties have included teacher scheduling, lesson observations and feedback, curriculum development, staff development and standing in for me when I am away on business to one of the five satellite campuses of the university.
I have had the great good fortune to have an immediately dependable colleague in Swapna, without her we certainly would not have got as far as we have with all the challenges that come with programme change and development alongside quality assuring them. She is a great asset with her management, teaching and accreditation competencies that she has to offer any organisation she works with.

Dr. Janet Hand
Director, PYEP, Female Campus,
University of Tabuk,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia