I, Me, Myself


This section of the workshop helps young people recognise their self-worth. It helps young people recognise their worth as individuals and that of others around them. It focuses on identifying positive things about themselves and their achievements, recognising traits that can be improved, identifying their mistakes in given situations, and goal-setting for personal improvement and growth.

Students are encouraged to recognise things that have a positive and negative effect on their wellbeing. They are encouraged to write down things that build up their self-esteem and confidence and also ones that are harmful to their wellbeing.

Suitable activities that can be completed by students are:

Creating a ‘Self-worth Pyramid’ Skyscraper of Confidence
Foundation Bricks’ activity
Word Pictures activity
Fridge Magnets activity.


Students can choose to complete any of the given activities, according to their aptitude and liking

Duration: 60 to 90 minutes