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We provide practical training to schools and colleges on emotional wellbeing issues including confidence building, self-awareness, self-harm, depression and stress. These are mapped to the PSHE document and help address a variety of tricky issues that can affect a young person’s mental health.

These highly interactive and innovative training sessions can be tailored to meet specific needs and requirements of a school. The workshops/training sessions can be run for groups of 30 to 70 students, for duration from two hours to 5 working days.


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Promoting Positive Mental Health and emotional wellbeing
Dealing with Body Image issues - Promoting Positive Body Image
Power of words - Positive and Negative
Promoting positive self image
Developing Empathy
Understanding, Recognising and Supporting Eating Problems in Young People
Understanding, recognising and Supporting young people with Self-Harm Issues
Recognising and Responding to Signs of Depression
Helping Students deal with general anxieties and exam related anxiety issues
Developing Resilience and Coping Skills in Younger Pupils

If you would like to discuss the possibility of training workshops in your school, please call Swapna on 07585958895, email swapna@mind1mind.com or fill out our web enquiry form.

About Founder

Swapna has acquired extensive experience of working in a diverse range of communities such as India, UK, Saudi Arabia and Dubai since 1997, as a teacher, senior leader, educational trainer and consultant.

As a teacher-trainer, Swapna has worked tirelessly to empower teachers in helping their students to learn and master life skills that help them deal with everyday demands of growing up such as working with others, discussion, research and other vital communication skills.

She has always been a strong advocate of empowering young people with skills to deal with emotional issues faced by them. She feels strongly about the ignorance and myths surrounding this very important issue, which has prompted her to design a series of informative workshops and training sessions for young people in schools and higher education. These workshops address issues related to emotional wellbeing and mental health amongst children young people from KS2 to KS5 (ages 7 to 18).

She initiated this project because of the massive gap that exists in the educational field, regarding emotional wellbeing and mental health awareness.. As a result, Swapna now visits schools and colleges, talking about this vital issue, highlighting basic facts about this sensitive issue.